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home computer repair hawaii

Welcome to Dynacomp Residential.

Your Home Tech Heroes!


🛡️ Say Hello To Your Cybernaut hero

Cyber pirates be warned: This ship flies safe! ⚓️

Navigate cyber space with your trusty guardians at the helm.


We armor your online world with state-of-the-art security, so you can surf, shop, and socialize in ultimate peace.

Computer Help Hero

🛠️ We Fix Tech Tantrums

Plus, we're just a holler away! 📞

Computer Technician

When your tech throws a fit, hit the easy button.

Our dedicated techs are on call to soothe those digital woes and keep your devices pinch-free.

Fixing Computer
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How we can help your home tech problems disappear

Computer help tech help

🏠 Personal Tech Concierge

Why juggle multiple tech help lines, when you can have one wingman for all your gadget gripes?

Whether you're fighting off a virus or just need a digital deep clean, we've got the thing to get you going! 🎩

computer cleaning

🧹 Sparkling Digital Spring Clean

We don’t just do digital dusting—our complete digital detox gets your gear gleaming like new.

It's out with the e-clutter and in with the fresh tech vibes.

Computer cleaning hawaii

🏡 On-Site Support that Sizzles

We'll pop over, toolkits at the ready, to perform tech wizardry right before your eyes.

Got a nest of wires or a rebellious router? We'll handle the techie tangles while you kick back and sip lemonade. 🛠️🍋

Home computer help

🎨 Customize Your Options

No two tech tales are alike. That's why we're all about letting you customize your tech experience.


You paint the picture, we craft the cure. It's a choose-your-own-adventure in tech support, with solutions sculpted just for you! 🖌️📜

Custom Computer Building

What's included with your membership?

  • Free OS Cleanings 

  • Free Hardware Cleanings

  • Free Advice and 1 on 1 consultations

  • Free Computer Setup

  • ARound the Clock Security Monitoring

  • Antivirus Software

  • Hardware & Software Diagnostics

  • Remote & on-site Experts

  • Computer Patch Management

Much More!

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