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Founded in 2014, locally owned and operated, we are a team of IT professionals servicing our home island of Oahu. With a focus on customer service, we bring the best IT solutions to medium and small businesses in Hawai'i. We take pride in how we help Hawaii's business' grow alongside technology. We are more than just desktop technicians, we are seasoned engineers with the capacity and skill to make your technology issues disappear. 

We are a team built around honesty, ingenuity, and above all, customer service. We aim to foster a positive culture that keeps us producing tremendous results for all those seeking IT services. Following these values ensures that we have the right people who have the right attitude to help our clients solve their technology problems. For us to be successful, we have to create an environment where every piece of our surroundings and plans helps us focus on placing the customer and their technology first. At the end of the day, we're here to help you find the best solution to your tech issues.


When it comes to providing you with the best solution, we always choose honesty over profit. Objective focused and result driven, we take pride in resolving your technology issues. Making sure you understand that we are here to make IT work for you is our priority. 


Technology is complicated, sometimes it requires solutions that aren't so cut and dry. We like being a little different when it comes to solving problems. It's important for us that we focus on getting your technology up and running as fast as possible.

Customer Service

Our business involves managing technology, which can be a stressful for our clients when it fails. It's beneficial for us, and for you that our team approaches all problems with the customer in mind. Whether it's us calling you for a checkup, or us having to step on-site to resolve an issue, we'll always have a good attitude, guaranteed.

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Our Values

We did some soul-searching and agreed on some core values. Lots of companies have core values, and they all sound great, but we really wanted to commit to ours. We implemented them as guidelines for hiring, performance evaluations, and to gauge the overall state of our company culture. Honesty, ingenuity, and customer service: these three simple values will always be the foundation for everything we do. By following this rule, we can ensure all services we provide exceed expectations.

Who we are

Leave your IT worries behind.

Our team is always ready to take your call.

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