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Access Control & UBA

Our team leverages user analytics to ensure safe practices are followed by all members of you business. For example, our team will analyze packet contents, monitor user behavior, and filter web traffic to prevent a potential security incident. Unlike firewalls and anti-virus software, our advanced UBA software focuses on what the user is doing: apps launched, network activity, and, most importantly, files accessed and downloaded.

Our goal is to help your organization develop and implement a practical and secure working policy. This is to prevent internal actors from causing damage to the company and limit the possibility of sensitive data being accessed by unauthorized users. Along with policy creation and application, you get a team dedicated to monitoring and reporting on your systems.

Monitor, Detect, Respond

Monitor, Detect, and Respond

Our solutions provide insight into privileged user access activity with information related to unauthorized privilege change, command runs, files accessed and privilege elevation. Our advanced UBA along side our expert team will use contextual data and patterns to detect and report anomalous activity. We instantly identify, investigate, and report any suspicious behavior found. Because not all businesses require such a high standards of reporting, we allow customization of alerts for context-relevant visibility and detailed session notifications to facilitate proper investigative action.

  • 24-hour monitoring

  • User Activity Management

  • User privilege management

  • Guaranteed response and resolution times

  • Fast and easy deployment of UBA software

  • Comprehensive reporting monthly or quarterly

User Policy Creation and Management

One of the first things we do is set up a security and access policy for your business. How we do this is to first identify who has access to critical infrastructure, data, and applications — and the perimeters around their access. For example, system admins should have more privileged access than the front-line technicians, general contractors you hire for work should generally be more restricted, monitored, and potentially time-limited. 

Having now created a policy for your business, who's going to manage it and ensure it's being enforced, reported, and communicated? As part of our creation process, we offer a full-range management solution. This includes 24-hour monitoring, detection, and response by your very own dedicated technicians.

  • Tailored policy creation based on your companies needs.

  • Dedicated technicians monitor your systems and ensure your policy practices are being followed.

  • 24-hour system monitoring

  • Immediate response and reporting

  • Detailed incident reports

  • Variety of authentication methods available

  • Temporary access management


Mon-Fri : 8:00am-5:00pm

Sat : 10:00am - 4:00pm


User Policies

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